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Hebei Yifan Wood Industry

Is located in Quyangqiao, Zhengding County, covering an area of 6,600 square meters. Before we start our international business, Great achievements have been made in the field of Trade in China.

The factory has cutting edge production equipment, electronic cutting saws, automatic six-sided drills, automatic edge banding machines imported from Germany and other large-scale equipment. We comply with the national environmental protection policy and has sewage discharge procedures. In August 2019, the factory area was expanded, and the equipment was perfected again.

The history of the factory can be traced back to 1985. The founder closely followed the upsurge of national development and established an enterprise with integrating production and sales. It has become a large-scale production enterprise in China.

We starting to expand the offshore team in 2016, and now has a mature production and sales team.

Our goods sell all over of the world(USA, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel ...)At our stores you can browse through a variety of styles, from modern to rustic and everything in between. Prices throughout our stores are second to none, so you can be sure that you'll find items for less.

Our mission is to make our clients feel like the superstars they are. From the products we create to our customer service, we ensure that everything we produce is top-notch quality and that everyone is treated with love and care. We strive to set the example of letting your beauty glow and shine from within.


We know that sometimes we don't have what your looking for on display, but if you give us the opportunity to show you a variety of catalogs from our suppliers we might be able to find that perfect piece of furniture your looking for. Please believe that we can give you the best shopping experience.

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