What is Citi pine? What are the main uses of Douglas fir wood?

Chinese Name: Douglas fir / yellow cedar

English Name: Douglas fir / d-fir

Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Taxodium

Endangered grade: National Grade II key protected wild plants (approved by the State Council on August 4, 1999)

Evergreen large tree, up to 100 meters high, DBH up to 12 meters. The bark is thick and deeply divided into scales. Leaf strip. It is 1.5-3 cm long, blunt or slightly pointed at the apex, dark green on the top and light on the bottom, with two gray green stomatal bands. The cones are oval, oval, about 8 cm long, brown and glossy; seed scales are obliquely square or nearly rhombic; bract scales are longer than seed scales, middle lobes are narrow, long and acuminate, and bilateral lobes are wide and short.

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